Canada has everything. Literally speaking. The second largest country in the world is the home of mass mountains, lakes in the size of a country, an Arctic Island, a network of national parks and even its desert.

Visitors can spend months watching a huge sky, old conifers and deep valleys. Even Canada’s beaches will envy other countries.

What are your options? Whales, polar bear and alces, someone? Distinction musicians, culinary sorcerers, indigenous peoples and Inuit art? The possibilities are unlimited, but that’s why we are here. These are the 17 best tourist attractions in Canada in 2022

15 incredible places to see in Canada
Historical attractions in places that seem directly in a fairy tale, these 17 places should certainly attend the Canada control list;

Vancouver is a Canadian city in southern British Columbia. It is the largest city in western Canada and the center of one of its most populated metropolitan areas. Vancouver is located on the other side of Vancouver Island, between Burarard Inlet (a branch of the Georgia Strait) to the north and the Delta del Río Fraser in the south.
Vancouver has one of the most magnificent parameters in all cities in the world, located between the Frost mountains in an ocean entrance.

Vancouver is constantly evaluated as one of the most habitable cities in the world. In addition, the best city in North America was recently appointed to live.

Visiting Vancouver is a perfect basis for exploration throughout the year due to its magnificent location near the beach, located against the mountains of the northern coast.

The city coast offers impressive views and beautiful beaches, while the highlands offer hiking and winter sports routes.
It cannot be confused organizing a trip to Vancouver due to its beauty, its climate, its life environment and its abundance of things to do. This lively city, located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by snowy mountains, is known for its outdoor activities throughout the year.

In summer, bathers can take advantage of beaches, while skiers can enjoy adjacent ski stations in winter. You can walk through the dike or walk in Stanley Park at any time of the year, enjoy an exquisite dining room or a relaxed lunch while looking at sunset, or shopping, markets from the island of Granville to high -level stores in the city center .

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the country’s financial and economic center and is the capital of Ontario in southeastern Canada.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, presenting ballet shows, opera, symphony and Broadway. The CN tower is also there. There is no limit to pleasure when combining spectacular purchases, fine food and fantastic museums.

Toronto is a diversified city with many different cultures! Choose a culture to experiment, from Chinatown to India Little and the variety of Young Street. Fabulous restaurants, unique attractions, art, music, cinema and sports, whatever your interests, there is something for you here. On Saturday, visit Kensington Market and do not miss the CN tower. Trains, trams and underground bridges facilitate navigation in the city center.

Toronto Seafront has evolved in recent years and now offers beautiful walking spaces, restaurants, outdoor concerts and cultural events during the summer.

Beautiful beaches are out of the city center, in both directions in the city center, and are ideal for the hot summer days. A public skating track opens outside the City Council in winter, and separate winter activities, such as popular winter, add to pleasure.

Niagara Falls is one of the best known historical sites in the world. It consists of a series of waterfalls that can be seen near the border of the United States, Canada and that is the cascade of the second world.

The spectacular cataracts of Niagara, the most famous natural wonder in Canada, have attracted visitors almost since their discovery. The view of the solid wall of crashed water in the cataracts is impressive, as well as the perspective and access provided to customers. You can walk to the edge of the cataracts and see the water disappear in the upper part, divided only by a cast iron.

People and the environment created by the cataracts had a significant impact on the city that grew around them, also known as Niagara cataracts. During the decades, the specialists and the fearful risked their lives in the cataracts, creating a carnival atmosphere that came to define this distinctive city. Tourists visiting Niagara cataracts benefit from a variety of exceptional characteristics. Niagara Whirlpool is one of these phenomena created when the Niagara River turns right and the water revolves precisely. The whirlwind measures 1000 feet wide and a depth of 120 feet. Excursionists mainly visit the hidden road with the shore of the Niagara River. This road similar to a staircase is safely in Niagara’s throats. Although it is a natural wonder, tourists only discovered it recently.

Jasper National Park
Jasper National Park is a national park located in the Canadian province of Alberta. This park is the largest Canadian national park. The Dark Sky Festival takes place every October in Jasper, which is famous for its black sky. It presents the second largest reserve in the dark sky in the world, and one of the most impressive things to do in Jasper is to go out in Los Lagos at night. Going in October is excellent because it is dark early, so you do not have to wait at night at night to see the Milky Way and the North of the Enlightenment. Also keep in mind that getting up before dawn allows you to see the stars and the northern dawn.

One of our favorite sites in Jasper is Malignant Canyon. This river flows through a throat with a drop of 50 meters. A 3.3 -kilometer walking track follows the valley, offering impressive views. It may be quite full, so arrive early to avoid the crowd. Five bridges cross the canyon with acrobatics, fast and incredible views. Lake Pyramid is a kidney -shaped lake in Jasper in Alberta National Park. It is located at the Pyramid Mountain base, a natural characteristic that dominates Jasper. Pyramid Lake is one of our favorite Jasper sites to see dawn. The pyramidal lake is a beautiful lake with a pyramid -shaped beak reflected in calm waters. Walk through the lake and do not forget to cross the bridge to the pyramidal island.

Jasper National Park is inexplicably magnificent and one of our personal favorites on this list.

Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada and the capital of the province of Quebec. However, Montreal has preserved its beauty, its vivacity, its joy and its absolute modernity. Walking on the streets of Montreal is an adventure itself, especially in the historic center known as Old Montreal (Old Montreal). Its cobbled streets and architectural styles go from the 16th century until the current day and offer a view of the rich history of the city.

Montreal is a unique city of its kind, with a quite old historical district dating from the seventeenth century and a core of the modern city with large underground stores. Old Montreal is an ideal place to get lost while wandering from top to bottom in historical streets with cobbled and wonderful courts. In addition, there are several beautiful parks and beaches in Montreal and around.

Montreal also houses a large number of fashion designers and high -end stores and small hotels and restaurants border the old streets. Although Montreal is located in the province of Quebec, which speaks in French, visitors who speak in English will not have problems connecting with anyone in the tourism sector.

Banff National Park
Always talking about national parks, Banff National Park, one of Canada’s most recognized destinations, is located in the magnificent rock mountains, just 110 kilometers from Calgary. Outdoor lovers will appreciate visiting the famous Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, immerse themselves in one of the many hot sources and spend time in Lake Louise. Alternatively, see my full guide for the most pleasant activities of the Banff National Park.

Hot days, the brilliant turquoise lakes and world class festivals abound in Banff during the summer months. It becomes a country with snowy wonders ideal for ice skating, sled and winter walk in winter.

Castle Mountain is difficult to lose with its distinctive form, either by Banff on the Paseo Marítimo del Valle de Bow or on the busy highway.

This may take a few minutes to cover the length of Castle Mountain Road, about 16 kilometers long! The chalets du Castle Mountain are ideally located near Castle Junction, offering easy access to Bow Valley Parkway and Lac Louise.

Banff is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, including an impressive mountainous beauty. Every year, millions of tourists go to Banff to take their impressive landscapes and their various activities.

Quebec City
Quebec, one of the oldest cities in Canada (celebrated its 400 anniversary in 2008), has a different style and charm of the Old World. It is the only fortified city in North America in northern Mexico, and a Unesco World Heritage site in 1985 was appointed.

If you are looking for a perfect and perfect European style location during your trip to Canada, go beyond Quebec. Quebec, which is only three hours from Montreal, has the only ancient American city in northern Mexico, a solid French -speaking culture and a fantastic culinary scene.

The civilization of the Museum of Civilization in the city of Quebec was founded in the 1960s and houses several exhibitions on the human condition. The remains of murder victims are one of the most controversial exhibitions of the Museum of Civilization.

The East Civilization Museum is located along the Saint-Laurent River in the Old District of Quebec. Exhibitions related to the old fishing of Maya and Canada are available. A special exhibition dedicated to the aboriginal cultures of Canada is also exposed, which offers a unique vision of the pre -colonial history of the country. These exhibitions take him to a trip through traditional indigenous practices and art that helps define what it means to be Canadian.

If you plan to visit Quebec during the winter season, it certainly monitors the Quebec Winter Carnival Festival, known as “Carnival”, the world’s largest winter festival.

Whistler has long been considered a world skiing destination, welcoming many ski events at Vancouver Winter Games in 2010. Despite its image, Whistler is an impressive and popular summer season, which offers Hiking, bicycle, golf course and other activities.

The regulations have become a flourishing coastal resort with a wide range of hotels, restaurants and shops. Whistler-Blackcomb is known for its magnificent land, which attracts skiers around the world. The Pic-2 Crest gondola links the two summits and is open to skiers and not smaller throughout the year. It is a 4.4 -kilometer trip with an impressive view.

Near the top of the Pico chair, the complex added the Clouder Skybridge. The Cuervo nest is reached through a 130 -meter metal bridge that extends over a small alpine valley. The observation platform offers an impressive 360 ​​degree view of the landscape, including the world’s renowned black defense.

The Ice Champs Walk
The Icefields Parkway connects the National Parks of Banff and Jasper with the Canadian rock mountains and is considered one of the most surprising picturesque readers in the world.

The Athabasca glacier, the ice fields of Columbia, the reflexes in Lake Bow, an impressive view of the Canadian rocks, more than 100 glaciers and waterfalls along this section of the road, make it one of the most beautiful sites in visiting Canada.

Lake Louise is one of Canada’s best -known destinations, located in Banff National Park (not to mention Alberta). The majestic Victoria glacier is coming over the excellent blue waters of Lake Louise. There are hiking routes right in front of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel that offers a panoramic view in all directions and canoes on Lake Louise. (It is on my list of cubes to visit Canada).

We recommend that you leave the Louise Lake around the dawn for your trip to the ICE Champs promenade to reach the magnificent lakes along the road before the arrival of tourists and reflexes are the best.

Puggy Plove
Peggy’s Cove is known for its magnificent oriental style profile, with chalets perched along a narrow entrance and in rocks washed by the waves in front of the Atlantic. Even if this unique ecosystem has been classified as an area of ​​preservation, the fishermen’s community continues to thrive.

Peggy’s Cove, one of the most emblematic headlights in the world, is the most popular tourist attraction in Nueva Scotia. The walk along the coastal volcanic rocks offers an impressive view of the East Coast of Canada, and visiting Peggy’s cove is more than a simple visit to the lighthouse.

The Cup & Saucer hiking path is the most famous walkulin walk. It is even considered one of the best ontarium promotions! It begins in a parking lot on the main road, and the steep rock ascent begins about hundreds of meters. Beginning hikers can find it difficult but persevere; The profit is worth the effort to ascend through the roots, the stones and a muddy track after a rainy night. We did not expect such impressive sites.

The rock that is immersed in the Valley below is the show of the show. An impressive view of escarpa, lakes and wetlands will leave you breathless. We could have waited all night to photograph the landscape.

Peggy’s Cove offers a variety of activities, which include cruises by boat, hiking routes and a tour of the magnificent local villages.

Charlottetown and the islands of Prince Eduardo
If you go to Charlottetown, you can spend time exploring the rest of the province of Prince Eduardo. PEI is a summer park with beautiful beaches and important historical monuments, such as the fictitious house of Anne de Green Gables in the Pei National Park.

Charlottetown has a long history and played a decisive role in Canada’s training. In Founders’s Hall, the Pavilion of the place in Canada, visitors can learn more about the beginning of the country. The Charlottetown Festival, which presents the oldest production in Canada, Anne of Green Gables, the musical, attracts premises and tourists.

The center of the Confederation for the Gallery of Arts and Art and the series of summer concerts Peakes Wharf, which presents great musicians in a free free outdoor environment, are also essential. The Charlottetown farmers market and the city center farmer offer a wide selection of food, crafts during summer and autumn. Navigator The city center is an aesthetic excursion, with handmade stores ranging from glass manufacturers to glass flowers, ceramic spinning to jewelers.

Charlottetown, the capital of the province and the largest city, has a small town sensation, with many Victorian -style heritage buildings. However, the PPE is small enough so that even a short stay allows you to see the entire island. Many people, especially families, rent beach houses or pei chalets during the summer.

The small city of Tofino on the island of Vancouver, the unofficial capital of Canada, is one of the most distinctive destinations to visit in the country, attracting a multitude of diversified visitors. People come to Pacific Rim National Park to surf, explore in old forests and relax on the beaches. It is also a great district for the observation of fauna observation, kayak, storm in November and relaxing in one of the opulent stations or a good camp between the imposing trees.

The city itself is small and has an end to the end of the world, but there is a large diet available in some of the cabins and restaurants in the region.

A small number of stores, galleries and coffee shops give the city a different personality. Despite its small size, the city has a strong sensation. With so much to see and do, you will want to spend at least a few days here, although a week or more it is easy to fill.

Cortine channel
The Curtain Canal, which flies from Ottawa, the dynamic and animated national capital of Canada, in Kingston, the city of limestone . This navigable track of 185 years, 200 kilometers long, which links Ottawa and Kingston through 47 locks, includes channels, rivers and lakes. It is the best in winter when it becomes the largest track in the world.

People transmit well -kept ice, stopping for hot chocolate and delicious fried dough tiles known as cast. In February, Winterlum celebration happened to the next level, residents created gigantic ice sculptures. The channel will become a navigation delight once it has defrost.

Bay of Fundy
It is not his typical Canadian bay, despite the presence of headlights, ships and drags, fishing colonies, other nautical landscapes and frequent observations of deer and claps on earth. The unusual land of Fundy causes the most extreme tides in the world, which can reach 16 meters (56 feet), or the height of a structure of five stories.

They surround a substantial food of whales, with Krill and other plankton attracting the fin, the blow, the blue whales and the whales to the right of the North Atlantic in the process of disappearing, making an observation of the whales here an unforgettable experience.

The desolate and hard geography of the Inuit, Baffin is the home of the mountains in noun and one third of the people of Nunavut. The Auyuituq National Park, whose name means “Earth that never melts”, is the treasure of the island’s crown, with glaciers, fjords and cliffs of bets that dot the eastern horizon.

They harden hikers and climbers, as well as some polar bears, go to the park. Baffin is also a home for Inuit art, with studies dedicated to high -gas sculpture, engraving and fabric in several small colonies.