4 Easy Ways to Migrate to Canada

These three factors generally determine their migration to Canada; What is its purpose when it arrives in Canada, its specific and third conditions, that the Canada region is interested in?

Other factors include; Having relatives who are permanent residents or valid work offers. Are you a businessman/investor? With the hope of starting a business in Canada, qualified workers or that students plan to work or study or join their family in Canada?

Whatever their migration objectives, there are many immigration programs offered by the Canadian government that could agree with their migratory ambitions.

The following are the 4 fastest immigration paths to Canada

  • Canadian experience class
  • QUBEC entrepreneur or investor
  • The visa program begins
  • Provincial candidate program

Canadian experience class
This immigration path is for immigrants with Canadian work experience and who want to remain permanently in Canada. From the first January, candidates must send their interests when registered through an express entry system and must:

Have at least 1 year or Canadian work experience full -time (or equivalent to the part on time) with the legal approval of the government in the last three years before requesting a request.
Try to undergo an external Quebec
It has the necessary language capacity.

QUBEC entrepreneur or investor
This immigration flow is for migrants (foreign businessmen or investors) who really want to start a business in the Quebec area. To meet the requirements for this migration flow, candidates must:

Expressing the desire to settle in Quebec
It has a CDN investment capital of $ 800,000 for investors and $ 300,000 CDN for entrepreneurs.

The visa program begins
This migration route is designed for foreign entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who really want to start a business in Canada. To meet the requirements for this immigration flow, candidates must have the following:

Good linguistic skills: candidates must have adequate linguistic skills to be discussed in French or English, with at least 5 CLB (Canadian reference point).

Designated organization support: assistance can be from a group of angel investors, designated investment reserves or designated commercial incubators. You must communicate with this organization to evaluate your strategic plan and, therefore, provide you with an assistance letter.

Liquidation funds: You must show sufficient funds to start a business in Canada. The minimum investment capital required by CDN $ 200,000 if it is of the designated Canadian risk capital and $ 75,000 CDN of the designated Canadian investors group.

Provincial candidate program (PNP)
Each Canadian region or region has a different flow of migration designed to address certain foreigners. To meet the requirements for PNP, candidates must meet the provincial qualification criteria and must live in the selected area or region.