Apply For New Zealand Work Visa – Immigration To New Zealand

Learn to request the New Zealand work visa to live or work in the city as a foreigner.

If you plan to work in New Zealand and are not a permanent citizen or resident of New Zealand or Australia, you will need a visa that allows you to work.

Who needs a visa

  • You can request a visa to work here temporarily if:
  • Have a job offer from a New Zealand employer
  • They come for a specific purpose or event related to work
  • Have a partner here, and you want to join them and work
  • They are from a country that has an exceptional work scheme, or
  • I have been studying here and will not work here.

Some work visas can also lead to residence, that is, the right to live, study and work here indefinitely. To apply, you need to have the skills, experience and qualifications that require New Zealand workforce.

Choose the correct visa
There are more than 80 visas that allow you to work in New Zealand. Before requesting, decide which visa is suitable for you.

Application costs
Discover how much it costs to apply, where to send your application or your passport, and how long will you have to obtain your visa.

Before applying
You must collect information about you and your plans for your time in New Zealand. What you need to provide depends on the visa you request. For all visas, you must provide evidence of your identity and good character. It is also possible that you must provide information about your health.

Testing your identity and good character
You must provide a photo, passport and other identity information.

Acceptable visa photos

Character and identity

Depending on the visa you request and how long it intends to remain in New Zealand, you must provide police certificates from countries where you have lived for more than 5 years since it turned 17. This helps to show that it is of good character.

Obtain medical certificates
Depending on how long it remains here and where it is, it is possible that you must provide medical certificates or obtain a chest radiography of a doctor approved by immigration New Zealand (Inz).

Health information

  • Find a radiologist or doctor near you
  • Medical care if you are in a work visa
  • English document translations
  • If you have to provide police or medical certificates and are not in English, you must provide certified translations. Inz can also ask you to provide translations of any other document that is not in English.

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English translations must be made by:

  • The Translation Service of the Internal Affairs of New Zealand (DIA)
  • an embassy or high commission, or
  • A private or official translation business.

Translations cannot be done by:

  • You, that is, the person requesting the visa
  • A member of your family
  • An immigration advisor who helps with his application.

How to apply
You can request most work visas online. There are some visas for which a printed application form must be completed, including some specific work visas of the country.

Applying online
For most work visas, you must configure a real account of Realme from the New Zealand government before starting your application.

What is real?
You do not need a real account if you request:

  • a work holiday visa, or
  • A search visa of silver fern.

Before starting your application online, have all your backup documents ready to load.

Get a tax number
Once you have your visa, request an IRD number of Inland Revenue. You give this number to your employer when you start working and use it for all your fiscal affairs in New Zealand.

If you have been offered a full -time job and you have the qualifications and experience necessary to work in that work, you can request a temporary visa to work in New Zealand. Unless you stay with the same employer and in the same role and region, your employer must have verified if the New Zealands were available to do the job, before offering the job. If this visa is granted, you may be able to support visa applications for your partner and dependent children.

General description of the stay
Up to 3 years

With this visa, you can
Work in New Zealand for an employer who has offered a full -time job.

Study for up to 3 months in any period of 12 months, or carry out any required study as part of its employment

Things to keep in mind

  • It can remain up to 3 years depending on the payment rate of the work offered.

How long can you stay

  • Essential changes have been made
  • Skills visas to optimize application processing and increase visa duration.

Essential skills visa change work

  • This visa will approach the applications in July 2023 and will be replaced by the employer’s work visa accredited from July 2023.
  • It is possible that your employer should try to recruit adequate neozyos who are available to do the job before offering the job.
  • Your partner or dependent children can request the visas separately based on your relationship with you.