Canada Marriage Visa 2021/2022 How To Apply

Canada Marriage Visa 2021: If you want to go to Canada or you need to stay in Canada permanently, then you must learn to submit an application to IRCC to obtain a permanent residence for your wife, husband or partner of customary law.

Conjugal sponsorship is a key component of the Canadian immigration system.

According to its immigration levels, Plan 2021-2023, Canada aims to welcome 80,000 new immigrants per year through its category of spouses, partners and children. The vast majority of these immigrants will arrive as spouses and partners of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The processing of spouse sponsorships has been delayed throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, however, immigration, refugees and citizenship of Canada (IRCC) should be able to re-head their processing standards once Covid-19 Haya been contained.

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If you are a Canadian or permanent resident, here is information about how you can sponsor your loved one for immigration to Canada.

General description of the Chanadá 2021 marriage visa sponsorship process
Citizens and permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their spouse, a customary lawyer or conjugal partner to obtain permanent resident status.

IRCC must approve the Canadian citizen or the permanent resident (the “sponsor”) and abroad (the “sponsored person”). To receive approval, the sponsor and the sponsored person must demonstrate that IRCC their relationship falls into the following categories (keep in mind that Canada recognizes the relations of the same s^x):

  • Wife
  • De facto couple
  • Conjugal partner

Who can sponsor
Canadian citizens and permanent residents can be eligible to sponsor if they meet these criteria:

  • They are at least 18 years old.
  • They are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, or are registered in Canada as an Indian under Canadian Indian law. Canadian citizens who live abroad must demonstrate to IRCC that they plan to live in Canada with their partner once their partner becomes permanent resident. Permanent residents must be residing in Canada to be eligible to sponsor.
  • They show that they are not receiving social assistance unless they have a disability.
  • They can meet the financial needs of the sponsored person.

Who can be sponsored
Any of the following three groups can be sponsored. All sponsored people must be at least 18:

  • Canada Marriage Visa 2021: The spouse of the Canadian citizen or the permanent resident must be legally married to the sponsor.
  • CONSUETUDINARY LAW PARTNER: If the couple is not legally married to the sponsor, she must have been living with the sponsor for at least 12 consecutive months.
  • Conjugal partner: If the couple is not legally married to the sponsor, but has been in a relationship with the sponsor for at least a year, resides outside Canada and cannot marry the sponsor, IRCC can recognize the relationship as a conjugal association . Reasons, why marriage may not be possible, including cultural, religious or legal reasons.

How to request marital sponsorship
IRCC requests that two requests be sent together at the same time: the application for sponsorship and the application for permanent residence.

  • Find out if it is eligible to sponsor.
  • Get the IRCC Application Package.
  • Pay the necessary rates on the IRCC website. Rates generally include processing rates, permanent residence rate and biometry rates.
  • Send the two requests together to IRCC.

Responsibilities after IRCC approves the application
Couples must fulfill certain responsibilities once the IRCC approves their application:

  • Sponsors are financially responsible for their loved one for at least three years.
  • Sponsored people cannot sponsor another person for five years after they have been sponsored

Family Sponsorship of Canada 2021
This form is for the sponsorship of a spouse, a couple of customary law and dependent children. You must complete the Fathers and Grandparents program of Canada.

Sponsorship evaluation of the parents and grandparents program (PGP)
In September 2021, IRCC will celebrate a lottery to invite up to 30,000 sponsors who presented an interest of PGP to sponsor the form on your website in 2020. Only use the tool below if you sent an interest to sponsor the form on the website of IRCC between midday EDT. October 13, 2020 and noon is on November 3, 2020. If you did not present an interest to sponsor the form last year, you may want to consider super visa as an alternative so that you can meet with your parents and grandparents in Canada .

After completing a free evaluation for you, we will contact you with more information about your eligibility PGP 2021.