LAOS Scholarships 2022 Fully-Funded: Study In LAOS For Free

Discover how to request the 2022 scholarships and study in Los for free. Follow the steps kindly to request the Scholarships.

The Government of Laos is now accepting online requests for the Government Scholarships of Laos totally financed for the 2022-2023 class of local and international students. Keep in mind that most of Laos universities do not require igo for admissions/scholarship offers.

It is the dream of all passionate and talented students to obtain high quality education in their lives for a better and prosperous future. No matter how privileged or non -privileged they are. For such reasons, students do not even hesitate to travel to several destinations, such as Korea, Canada, America, etc.

But there are some other famous and outstanding places that provide outstanding education and several generous scholarship programs for deserving candidates. In this article, we will discover the academic opportunities available in Laos, which is one of those historical countries in Asia that is playing a dominant role in promoting education among students.

Without a doubt, it is a slightly less famous country chosen only by a small number of candidates abroad. But, in fact, this picturesque country of forests and fluillas is the best place to choose from, if you love to explore. On the other hand, the relaxed and peaceful lifestyle plus education without enrollment in Laos offered by their universities is one of the reasons why people love to study here.

Language requirements to study in laos
In Laos universities, the presentation of English language mastery certificates, such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, DET, etc., are optional. This means that you can study in Laos without IELTS. While, if the courses are taught in the French language, proof of level B2 is required.

LAOS study visa process with requirements
La Student Visa issues applicants for a short and long duration in the country temporarily. If admission or scholarship is offered at the University based in Laos, then it will be eligible to request the VISA of study of LAOS if the following criteria are met:

  • The applicant received an admission/scholarship offer of Laos Academic Institution
  • In the case of the self -financed course, the applicant must provide evidence of sufficient funds
  • Registration fees, bedroom expenses must be paid in full (in case of self -financed course)
  • The candidates will take an oath for their return to the country of origin at the end of the studies
  • Medical/doctor insurance must be bought by applicants (for self -financed)

It is crucial to obtain all the necessary and relevant details about Laos universities and the courses that offer local and international students before admitting here.

Here is the list of some prominent universities of Laos that have made their names in the world due to exceptional teaching values ​​and innovative learning methods.

Scholarships of the National University of Laos:
The National University of Laos is one of the newest and worldwide universities worldwide, founded in 1996, with the maximum number of students studying here at this time. According to statistical data, there are around 23,000 students with 1,800 staff members. This university is famous for having 5 external class campus and 13 faculties, offering several degree programs. The National University of Laos is open to all local and international students. The annual registration fee for candidates abroad here is $ 1,530 per year.

But, on the other hand, you can request the scholarships of the National University of Laos to obtain free education there.

Soufanouvong University scholarships:
The Soufanouvong University was established in 2003 and is located in the city of Luang Prabang, the old capital of Laos. This university has its name after Prince Soufanouvong, the first president of Laos. It offers approximately 20 educational degree programs on its two campuses in several fields; Click here for more information about student visa resources in the US.: Types of visas, requirements and applications

  • Economic Sciences
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Civil Engineering
  • Business

Application rates for local students are charged a bit differently, which depends on the course program. However, international students will have to pay $ 1,270 per year. Otherwise, you can request the scholarships of the Soufanouvong University fully financed to obtain an exemption from registration fees.

  1. Savannakhet University scholarships:
    The University of Savannakhet is providing quality education to candidates abroad with application positions of around $ 903 per year. However, it has nine faculties with 321 employees and 3,000 students. On the other hand, this university is not well developed as the others and offers limited scholarship funds.

  1. Lao-Korean University Scholarships:
    This University of Lao-Coreana is famous for providing many scholarships to students enrolled as presidential scholarships, Scholarships J.L. and many more. It has four departments, while the main fields of this university are accounting and information technology. The interesting thing about this university is that two countries, Laos and Korea, finance this institution.
  2. Scholarships of the University of Health Sciences:
    The University of Health Sciences of Laos is one of the most important academic institutes in the country and is one of the cheapest universities in Laos. The admission process is a little simpler and faster for the University of Laos Health Sciences. However, he is offering a degree program in Medicine and Physics. To obtain the admission here, the candidates will have to present their transcripts, IELTS, passport score, etc. You can also request the scholarships offered by the University of Health Sciences.

Laos government scholarships in 2022:
Laos is famous for its picturesque and beautiful sites, but is also doing a remarkable job in the educational field. All local and international students can request any university superior to the various scholarship programs. These Scholarships provide ease and comfort to students during their educational trip with the highest benefits such as exemption from registration fees, accommodation, monthly stipend, etc.

All interested candidates must collect information related to the scholarships offered by the universities mentioned above and request the desirable scholarship program within the due deadline. In doing so, selection possibilities will increase. The universities of Laos only, and in association with the federal government give several scholarships to the deserving candidates.

Here is the list of some of these government scholarships:

  1. Scholarship of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation:
    This scholarship is available for a degree in arts, painting, drawing, etc. The good thing about this scholarship program is that applications are always open to apply. This scholarship is eligible for all nationality holders, it is also a partial financing program.

All artists, painters and sculptors can request this Laos scholarship. On the other hand, the National University of Laos is providing this incredible opportunity for students who study there to obtain this program to improve skills. The winners of this scholarship program will receive a subsidy of up to CAD 15,000 as the first registration subsidy. However, the second and third subsidy are CAD 18,000.

  1. Lao-Korean University Scholarships:
    Lao-Corean College is making waves in the region for its three scholarships to its most deserving candidates. All these scholarships are granted to the registered students selected based on their academic actions, merit and other skills. Such scholarships include;

Presidential scholarships: It is the type of scholarship that will only be given to the first year student with the highest range of the university.
J.L. Scholarships: This scholarship will be awarded to the selected candidate only due to any exceptional reason. However, the decision will be taken exclusively by the University Administration.

Nehemia scholarships: Only the most valuable student of each department will get this scholarship. Meanwhile, The Cherry on the Top is an exemption from 100% registration fees for awarded students.

  1. Gulbenkian de Caluste Foundation – Short -term subsidy:
    Candidates who wish to chase their teacher or doctorate. Grades in Armenian studies can request this partial financing scholarship. The application deadline for this scholarship is December 10, 2022. The winners of the scholarship will enjoy a subsidy of up to 5,000 euros.
  2. Australian awards scholarship by Votentiane College:
    Vintiane College and the other donor governments are giving Australian awards scholarships to local and foreign students from Laos. It is available for undergraduate levels, mastery, doctorate and taf. The selected candidates will take advantage of several benefits such as;

The complete registration fee resign.
Return air tickets.
Live stipend.
Health expenses along the scholarship program.
Academic support.
Field and research work subsidy for teachers and PH.D. students.

  1. Research subsidies for doctoral studies:
    The National University of Laos and the Adult Learning Institute offer ILIAL research grants to international students for doctoral studies. This scholarship is available for PH.D. Interested candidates must submit their requests before the deadline of May 31, 2022. This subsidy covers several benefits such as enrollment stipends up to $ 100,000 and monthly expenses to relieve students’ burden. Get more information here Visa and Immigration Services of Singapore: When and how to apply