MSc by Research Studentships at University of Gloucestershire, UK

The University of Gloudeshire has established the MSC for research scholarships in the United Kingdom. Applicants must request a master’s degree in an eligible field of study to be considered. The program is available for the academic year 2022-2023.

The scholarship aims to evaluate a variety of tools and technologies, including mobile devices, satellite images, remote access chambers and digital communication channels in an environment of citizen sciences at the University of Gloudestershire.

The University of Gloudeshire is a public university based in Gloudeshire, England. The university is the recent successor of a large number of merged, changed and renovated institutions of higher and higher education. The University offers almost 100 undergraduate courses, and around 57 postgraduate courses in eight schools.

Why choose to study at the University of Gloudeshire? The University of Gloudeshire is a sustainable university that aims to provide excellent teaching and allow its students to achieve its maximum potential through a rich and broad experience. The University of Gloudeshire is one of the best universities that exists. There are a lot of great and well experienced teachers dedicated and determined to obtain their students and experiences.

Application deadline: The closing deadline for applications is noon on Friday, August 12, 2022.

Short description

  • University or Organization: The University of Gloudeshire
  • Department: Na
  • Course level: MSC per research
  • Prize: £ 16,000
  • Awards number: N/A
  • Access mode: Online
  • Nationality: National
  • The prize can be taken in the United Kingdom


  • Eligible countries: United Kingdom.
  • Eligible course or issues: MSC by investigation in the integration of citizen science within the recovery initiatives based on nature at the landscape scale impact of different citizen science techniques.
  • Eligibility criteria: To be eligible, applicants must comply with the following criteria:
  • Applications are open to students who can meet residence requirements in the United Kingdom.

How to apply

  • How to postulate: To request this financing opportunity, candidates must admit in the University’s research. To request the scholarship, students must send a full application package to
  • Backup documents: The application package must contain the following three documents:
  • Curriculum vitae: You should not have more than four pages.
  • Research proposal: The proposal must be up to a maximum of 1000 words, not including references.
  • Research proposal: your reflections on the title, objective and purpose of the investigation;
  • A general description of some relevant key research literature for the study;
  • Its proposals to develop the design and methods of the study;
  • A description of the possible results of the project for understanding, knowledge, politics and practice
  • References
  • Admission requirements: Applicants must have excellent academic training in natural and social sciences, with a first class or a good degree of 2: 1.
  • Language requirement: Students must send scores of the following English language mastery tests:
  • IELTS- 6.0

The University will provide registration fees, a maintenance subsidy (currently £ 16,000 for 15 months) and a training subsidy of up to £ 500 for full -time students.
Full -time awards holders cannot have full -time job or permanent part -time work during the period of their prize.

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