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Canadian job offer 2022/2023 – Work permit visa – Do you have a Canadian job offer and need a work permit? We have simple ways to obtain a work permit visa in Canada when you follow the instructions carefully. Read kindly at the end and then apply.

Canadian job offer 2022/2023

In almost all cases, people with a job offer from a Canadian employer must ensure a temporary work permit to carry out the work in Canada.

A temporary work permit can be issued for a period of time that varies from a few days a few years. In most cases, the process of requesting a work permit is double. First, the Canadian employer must receive government permission to hire outside Canada. Once this permit has been granted, the designated employee must request and receive the work permit from it. What you need to know about the work of the Canada government available

A work permit granted for specific work in Canada will be linked to that work. Consequently, an employee can only work for the employer specified in her work permit. If he or she finds a different job and does not yet have a state of permanent resident, you must request and receive a new work permit before doing another job in Canada.

There are several different ways to ensure a work permit. Depending on the nationality, occupation and work provided in Canada, there may be possibilities to accelerate the process. How Canadian employers can get a job permit for employees

Campbell Cohen’s work permits service can deal with the entire process of work permits for both Canadian employers and foreign workers.

Keep in mind that a temporary work permit in Canada is for those foreign workers who plan to work in Canada for a finite period of time.

To work and live in Canada permanently, foreign workers must carry out the Canadian immigration process. However, a temporary work permit can be a trampoline for the permanent Canadian residence.

Once in Canada in a temporary work permit, a foreign worker can qualify for Canadian immigration (permanent residence) under the class of Canadian experience (CEC), through a category of qualified workers, or through one of the programs provincial nominees.

Basic facts to work in Canada

In order for a Canadian employer to obtain a visa of job permit of the Canadian job offer, you must know the following:

  • For Canadian immigration purposes, “work” is defined as an activity for which remuneration is obtained or as an activity that competes directly with the activities of Canadian citizens or permanent residents in the Canadian labor market.
  • Canadian immigration authorities require that a work permit for a limited number of work -related activities in Canada be issued.
  • A job offer from a Canadian employer is usually a previous requirement to receive a Canadian work permit.
  • In some cases, Canadian immigration regulations allow open work permits, which are not specific to the employer.
  • Work permits are always temporary in nature, but they can often be extended from inside Canada.
  • Normally, the Canadian immigration authorities will only grant work permits if they are backed by a positive letter of “impact assessment of the labor market” (LMIA) issued by the employment and social development of Canada (ESDC), indicating that The proposed employment will not negatively affect Canadian workers.